Patented Fishbone Gasket

Fishbone is a recent innovation in the, traditionally gasket market and hopefully the ultimate solution for high temperature and pressure sealing problems.
​Gaskets are an important factor in plant safety.
This is especially true for the industries moving lots of fluids such as oil and gas sector, chemical plants, paper mills, power plants and many other industries.
Ideally, a good gasket should be both strong and elastic, yet in practise it’s difficult to balance one quality with the other.
The spiral wound and camprofile gasket has being used in plants and industries for many years and was a great invention for its time. We now have the latest technology available as the patented fishbone gasket.
Disadvantages of spiral wound gaskets: The un-wind and crushing problem.
High minimum sealing load requirement causes bolt yielding and flange rotation.
Disadvantages of camprofile gaskests:
Less elastic compared to spiral wound gaskets resulting in poor recovery
Sharp teeth bite into flange surfaces causing damage to flanges which would then require resurfacing
Not self–energised by fluid pressure
Disadvantages of Fishbone gaskets:
Benefits and Advantages of Fishbone gaskets:
Balance strength with flexibility.
Interchangeable with existing spiral wound and camprofile gasket standards.
Will not damage flanges.
Uncrushable and does not unwind.
Extremely low minimum load requirement dramatically improves the sealing performance.
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